Pricing, Payment & Billing

Can I claim any government concessions
Active Utilities does not manage concession requests. To receive concessions please apply to DHS. You can access their website to commence your application ...
What are account level fees
It is best to review our price table on the support page of our portal to view all our current pricing and charges. Alternatively you can contact our office.
Do you use credit agencies
For unpaid debt that we have made multiple attempts to recover with no success we may refer your debt to a credit agency.
When is my payment taken from my nominated account?
If you have elected to may your monthly invoice via Direct Debit the invoice amount will be deducted from your nominated account on the Due Date listed on th...
Can I buy a top up for my Internet until the end of the Month
We do offer Data Top Up services for selected Internet plans/services. Please contact our office on 1300 587 623 during normal business hours or via email a...
How long will  it take for my Internet connection to be established?   
Depending on the technology used to deliver internet to your property connections can take 1 - 5 business days.
what are all your fees and charges
Please refer to our Price book listed in the payments section of our support Website to view all our fees and charges.
Am I charged for the gas in my hot water
No. Our hot water charge is not generated solely from Gas, the fee includes all infrastructure and services used to generate and distribute hot water to you...
How often will l be billed
We invoice our customers on a monthly basis and have 21 business day payment terms.