If you are a Customer within an Embedded Network it is important to know your rights. Often customers are lead to believe as they are part of an Embedded Network they do not have protection. This is not correct, attached are two fact sheets from the AER that outlines the rights and protections provided to residential and small business embedded network customers.

In addition to the below it may be beneficial to read up more on the obligations of an Exempt seller within an Embedded Network. To learn more please take take the time to review our article on Exempt Seller Obligations, here you find more detailed information around the expectations put on any exempt seller.

If you would like more information on what an Embedded Network is and how it could benefit you or your building, please take the time to read our article on What is an Embedded Network for more information. 

Below are the links to the translated version of the attached documents,

Residential Customer
Business Customer 
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