On the 25 July 2022, the Victoria Government made a media release in relation to its intent to Ban new Embedded Networks in Victoria that do not meet a 100% renewable target by January 2023. You can find a copy of the media release HERE.


This announcement was made as a result of an initiative lead by DWELP as directed by the Government as part of their previous Election commitment. Many items/recommendations were presented to the government for consideration relating to reform and/or a full Ban of Embedded Networks within Victoria. You can view the full report presented to the government and the formal government response to the recommendations HERE.


Important to note, for existing Embedded Networks (Those active prior to January 2023), your current service conditions remain unchanged and governed by the current legislation and policies in place today. No legislation or set plans have been announced relating to existing Embedded Networks other than high level recommendations as per the report you can find in the above link on the DWELP website.

This update was completed on 28/07/2022 - The above information is subject to change as more information/details is released from the government. We will continue to monitor and update as information becomes available.