Recommended Security for Desktop and Wi-Fi devices

At Active Utilities we understand that sometimes matters of security can be made complex and hard to understand. This document is intended to give some ideas and recommendations on simple ways to increase your Cyber Security.

This is not a Technical manual and should not be used as the sole source of information for your Security needs. Should you require more detailed information it is recommended that you contact an expert in this field.

Computer security best practices

  •          Keep desktop and laptop machines physically secured
  •          Protect computer with strong login password
  •          Use security measures such as Antivirus, Firewall and file encryption
  •          Ensure security software and firewall are running
  •          Ensure Windows is setup to automatically update security patches
  •          Backup your files and delete unnecessary files & software
  •          Browse internet websites with care and avoid unsecured sites
  •          Handle email links with care before browsing them
  •          Scan email attachments for viruses before opening them
  •          Download software and files from trusted websites only

Wireless Network Security best practices

  •          Keep WAP and Wi-Fi routers physically secured
  •          Encrypt Wi-Fi password with a strong password
  •          Use WAP2 encryption instead of WEP if available
  •          Change Wi-Fi password periodically
  •          Do not share Wi-Fi password
  •          Do not connect to unprotected Wi-Fi network in range

Please download our Fact Sheet on this topic below.