Sometimes, location or circumstances mean assistance is available for utility, technology and communication costs.  Generally, your local government authority is responsible for administering Concessions, Grants and Rebates.

If you believe you may be entitled to a concession or support for your utility expenses, contact your local government agency for more information and application forms.

It is important to note

Because Active Utilities embedded networks provision technology, communications and utilities differently to traditional suppliers, your bill will not reflect a concession.  You will need to receive your concession as a direct rebate from the administering authority.

More information on Concessions, Grants and Rebates is available from:


Department of Human Services
P:  1800 658 521
W:  Click here 

South Australia

Department for Families & Communities
P:  1800 307 758
W:  Click here

New South Wales

Seniors information only
P:  13 12 44
W: Click here 


Department of Communities
P: 13 13 04
W:  Click here

Western Australia

Department of Finance

P: (08) 6551 1111

W: Click here