Naturally, Active Utilities want you to enjoy uninterrupted service.  But in rare circumstances, one or more of your services may be disconnected.  Service disconnection can occur in two ways:

  • following a service interruption notice
  • without notice to you

To avoid a service disconnection

For uninterrupted service, it's important to keep your account up to date.  To avoid the risk of disconnection, always advise Active Utilities early of any payment difficulty.

Should your account remain outstanding 14 days after the due date, we may commence the disconnection process.  The best way to enjoy continuous supply is:

  • pay your current bill on time
  • make arrangements for any amount you cannot pay
  • pay subsequent bills on time

What happens in a disconnection?

In most cases, you will receive a “service interruption notice" at least 10 days prior to the disconnection date.  If payment is not received by the date shown on the notice, your service will be disconnected.

Disability or illness

If disconnection will worsen the serious illness or physical disability of a household member, contact us.  In certain situations Active Utilities will consider delaying a disconnection.

Each time you apply for an extension to your disconnection date, this process must occur:

  • within 14 days of the Statement Date (upper right corner of your bill) your state licensed doctor should phone us on 1300 587 623
  • within 26 days of the Statement Date your doctor shall provide Active Utilities with written confirmation the condition may become worse

Once these events have occurred Active Utilities will be able to agree with you on a payment arrangement or deferred payment plan.

Service reconnection or refusal

You will need to contact us and meet all reconnection requirements to restore service following a disconnection. There are also certain circumstances under which Active Utilities may refuse service to you.

Contact Active Utilities if you have any questions or concerns about service continuity.