For uninterrupted service, it's important to keep your account up to date.  To avoid the risk of disconnection, always advise Active Utilities early of any payment difficulty. Should your account remain outstanding 14 days after the due date, we may commence the disconnection process.

Service Interruption Notice

Active Utilities may issue a Service Interruption Notice if you have not made payment within 14 days of your account due date.  The Service Interruption Notice will include:

  • Final date for payment
  • Disconnection date

If you account remains unpaid after the final date for payment, your service will be disconnected.  To restore service, you must contact Active Utilities and meet all conditions for resupply.

Disconnection of supply

Following the issue of a Service Interruption notice, your supply may be disconnected if:

  • Your account is not paid before the date specified on the notice
  • You fail to comply with an agreed or deferred payment plan
  • Your service use hampers others service access or supply (we will notify you and offer you the opportunity to remedy)
  • Your service is used to operate non-standard equipment (we will notify you and offer you the opportunity to remedy)
  • You falsify a name when applying for service
  • You refuse access for meter reading or repairs
  • You vacate the location

Contact Active Utilities to discuss a service disconnection or proceed to restore service.