Following a service disconnection, your account must be re-established.  That means clearing any unpaid amounts and setting measures in place for the future.  This helps you avoid a similar situation arising again.  To restore your service, you will need to contact Active Utilities and meet all the conditions for resupply.

Restoring your service after non payment

If your service has been disconnected for non-payment following a Service Interruption Notice, you will need to:

  • Finalise the whole balance of the outstanding account
  • Pay a service reconnection charge
  • Confirm a Direct Debit payment arrangement for future accounts

For same day reconnection, your payment or proof of payment should be received before 1:00pm.  Otherwise, service will be restored on the following business day.

Restoring service for another reason

If your service has been disconnected without notice, you will need to correct the cause for the disconnection.  Conditions for resupply include:

  • Rectifying a known dangerous condition
  • Finalising your whole of your outstanding account, including dishonour fees
  • In cases of meter tampering or bypassing:
    • Pay additional charges
    • Lodge a security deposit

Service Refusal

In rare circumstances, Active Utilities may refuse to supply or reconnect your service.  This is definitely the case where illegal or fraudulent activity has taken place, but may also occur if:

  • Your facilities are hazardous or otherwise unsatisfactory
  • Your service use hampers others access to supply
  • Your service is used to operate prohibited equipment or attachments
  • You alter your identity to avoid making payment
  • You are responsible for a previous account that remains unpaid

Contact us to make arrangements for your service reconnection.