Active Utilities are dedicated to the delivery of safe and reliable service to all our customers.  So it's important we act swiftly to end supply in certain situations.

Why disconnect without notice

Most disconnections occur for account related reasons and are preceded by a Service Interruption Notice.  But in rare circumstances we become aware of theft, illegal activity or dangerous use. If your account is disconnected without notice, contact us immediately.  To restore service, you must contact Active Utilities and meet all conditions for resupply.

Disconnection of supply

 Your service may be disconnected without notice if:

  • you steal utilities by tampering with or bypassing meter equipment (this practice is highly dangerous and illegal)
  • you do not rectify a known dangerous condition at your location
  • you connect or reconnect a service without the authority of the account holder
  • you reconnect your service using a cheque that is subsequently returned unpaid

Contact Active Utilities to discuss a service disconnection or proceed to restore service.