Read the directions thoroughly

Before you plug in a new appliance, always familiarise yourself with the correct operating procedure.

Take Extra care in the bathroom

  • Water and electricity don't mix.  To avoid the risk of injury, or worse, avoid using a radio, hair dryer or other appliance while there's still water in the bath or sink.
  • Never touch anything powered by electricity with wet hands.
  • In a thunderstorm, stay out of the bath or shower.  It's not a myth that lightning can strike your home or business plumbing and travel straight to you.

Stand on dry, solid ground

Even a toaster or hair dryer poses a risk if you plug it in when standing on a wet floor.

Avoid overloading outlets

Take care with plugs, extensions and power boards.  Too many can quickly overload your power outlets and cause overheating.  This can melt the insulation cord to expose live wires that could spark a fire.

Plug in properly
These days, appliances are made with ergonomic plugs that are simple to insert or unplug.  So don't risk an electrical incident by unplugging an appliance by the cord, especially in front of children.

Foreign objects don't belong
Keep fingers, tools and other objects clear of outlets and sockets.  And never insert them into an appliance that's plugged in.  This may seem obvious but people do it every day.  Stop and think.  Is that piece of toast worth getting electrocuted for?

Switch off when you go out

Don't leave small appliances and space heaters running unattended.  It's expensive and they may cause a fire while you're out.

Electrical cord safety

Avoid trips and falls by always storing electrical cords safely away from walkways and thoroughfares.

Keep a torch handy

You'll be very pleased you did if the power goes out and you need to find your way in the dark.