While stealing electricity poses some serious risks, energy theft is a real issue. Diverting the supply of electricity is both life threatening and illegal. Not only can electricity tampering cause disruption and inconvenience to others, there is a risk of electrocution, fire and explosions. It is Active Utilities' goal to provide safe and dependable supply to all our customers.  So we take the theft of electricity very seriously. 

If you are found to be stealing electricity, Active Utilities will prosecute that theft of service.  Penalties include a recorded conviction, jail term or hefty fine.

Signs of tampering

Rest assured, energy thieves don’t get away with it ... you are paying for the power they steal.  If you suspect energy theft is occurring at your facility, please contact Active Utilities right away.

Some signs of possible tampering or energy theft you may notice include: 

  •          Tools jammed in the meter
  •          A missing or broken meter seal
  •          Meter gone or out of its base
  •          Extension cords across a property
  •          Extra wires running to/from meter base
  •          Meter work carried out by a non authorised person

Should you discover any of these situations, do not touch the meter or wires.  Tampering can create highly unsafe conditions. Contact us to report the suspicious activity or energy theft. Please remember we are unable to discuss ongoing investigations.