Active Utilities enjoys and enviable reputation for quality and reliable service delivery.  There are, however, certain situations when supply interruptions occur.  You may wish to make us aware of any health issues relating to your specific supply.

Critical Care status

Critical Care status ensures disruptions to your electricity supply are kept to a minimum.  You may qualify for Critical Care status if you or someone at your location needs life sustaining equipment that runs on electricity.

Critical Care accounts are coded to make sure Active Utilities staff and service technicians are aware of your situation.

In the event of a planned service outage, you will be notified ahead of time.  

In the event of an unplanned outage, restoration of your service will receive high priority.

Making an application

If you believe your account should carry Critical Care status, please contact us to begin the process.

Initially, you will be asked to complete a Critical Care application form.  This requires some documentation from your physician confirming the medical need.

Once your Critical Care status has been approved, please ensure your contact details remain current.  If you change a telephone number, physical or mailing address, Active Utilities may not be able to contact you about or during a service outage.

Backup power supply

While we endeavour to keep planned outages to an absolute minimum, unpredictable events can also affect your service supply.

Unfortunately this means Active Utilities cannot guarantee continuous service, even for Critical Care customers.

If your circumstances mean you cannot sustain any power outage, please arrange for an emergency backup power supply.